Welcome to the Crescent City…By Night.

Tina Baker played by Jill
Jack McCandless played by GM
Becky Lynn Adler played by GM
Louis Maddox played by GM

Pre-Katrina New Orleans

This is a duet chronicle. One Player/One GM. I am running it for my wife. It is basically beginning with the Vampire intro chronicle Danse De La Morte provided by White Wolf games as a backbone. The pregens are being used. The Character of Tina Baker is being played by my wife, Jill. As such, most of the chronicle will be seen from Tina’s point of view. As GM I will be providing the actions of the other pregen. characters (Jack McCandless, Louis Maddox, and Becky Lynn Adler), but Tina should be seen as main protagonist. She will drive the story. She’s already driven it in directions not foreseen by the GM and/or chronicle designer.

Things should get interesting right about now…

An Update 12/19/10…I ran the opening scenario, Mary’s Child, for this chronicle for my regular gaming group. The role of characters were as such:

Tina Baker played by Jill
Jack McCandless played by Bart
Becky Lynn Adler played by David
Louis Maddox played by Corey

Danse De La Morte